3D, VR, and AR

Downtime is a great time to keep up with 3D trends, technologies, and refine production processes.
AR Christmas Card
Built in Unity and using the Vuforia AR platform, I created an iOS AR Christmas Card app. 

Roles: Illustration, 3D animation, Unity and iOS development
Seasonal Vases
Each vase represents a season through form, surfacing, and environment. I focused on creating photo-real procedurally textured assets with accurate lighting.

Roles: Blender, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting

Next Stop - DC in Motion Show
The brief was to create a looping animation of a view from a train, so I created a scene of one of my favorite places: Scotland.
DC Motion Event Info

Roles: Blender, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting

Whale for VR
Built this whale from an old drawing I found in a report I had written and illustrated in 2nd grade about all the different species of whales. I remember vividly at the time that Humpback whales were my favorite. While modeling this whale in Maaya, I realized it would be so cool to see this whale in VR to experience the actual scale of the animale. Using the Oculus OVR SDK and Unity, I created a simple VR environment where I coule walk around the virtual 50 foot whale. 

Roles: Maya, Modeling, Texturing, Unity, Oculus VR

Starbucks Valentine App
An update of Starbucks' Holiday App – one of the first AR apps with wide distribution. To celebrate Valentines' Day, customers sent friends and family a free Starbucks coffee with a note through the Starbucks Cup Magic app. Recipients unlocked the note by scanning their free coffee cup then peeling away the heart graphic on their Starbucks cup.

Roles: 3D modeling and animation, Video Direction


Created while learning Substance Painter. Substance painter is very impressive, and I’m so happy I dove into it! For this project, I spacifically I wanted to learn a more streamlined process to layout UV’s and create different texture maps for lower poly count meshes. Then I put it all into Unity for some real-time rendering goodness.

Roles: Substance Painter, Maya, Unity

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